Be as one… the secret to ignite your dressage performance.

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Discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding. A position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but disappears and your performance is amplified. 

  • The artistry… this saddle celebrates the art of dressage – the sculpted performance conducted by horse and rider in choreographing every movement with emotion, power and grace.
  • The perfect fit… achieve the perfect fit for your horse and generate power and depth of expression that you will never have felt before.
  • The stability… find stability with the perfect balance that will grant you a stillness, independence of seat, and a lightness of hand and leg that will allow you to dance across your stage with ease.
  • The connection… feel ultimate sensitivity, driving a connection that enables the subtlest finesse in your aids as you take the spotlight in the main arena.

    The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar allows effortless horse and rider alignment to be achieved by altering the position of the stirrup bar, enabling you complete control over your preferred riding position. The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar can be easily repositioned by simply lifting the catch and sliding the bar to suit your individual position. The bar should then be secured by pressing down firmly on the catch and locking the bar into place.


    Anatomically contoured to your leg allowing you to ride in and behind the knee block to support your individual position for maximised comfort and security. The FlexiContourbloc can be moved forwards, backwards, or on the precise angle to mirror your individual riding position. To adjust, simply loosen the screws on the underside, then tighten once you have found your desired position.


    The low profile SynergyPanel is stable and close with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for your horse and improved blood flow to their muscles. Wither freedom design and the soft dynamic air cushioning ensures your horse has a natural movement and confident frame.