Leather and Silver Never Looked so Good together


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This headstall has hand-engraved silver plate detailing. A combination of dark leather with rolled leather ears and studs on the crown and cheeks make this headstall an excellent choice for your horse.

Silver Plate Square cheek buckle with a raised concho inside the square giving a 3D affect, cheek buckles size: 1 3/4" x 2" with silver keeper and tip.

Chicago screw bit ends with a decorative concho that matches the cheek buckles.

Rolled leather two- ear design is great for horses that may have more head movement than desired. The simple leather ears are subtle and will not draw as much attention as other silver eared headstalls. If you prefer a one ear design you can slide off one of the ears to convert it to a one ear.

Headstall measures 42" (bit end to bit end) with 4" adjustment on each side to fit most horses' heads.