Vegetable tanned buffalo leather


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  • Mini
  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
  • XF

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This was the first halter we created, and has remained in our collection as a best seller for a reason. It features fully padded and raised leather for a balance of comfort and beauty, including a rolled leather throat latch. This halter also features just the right amount of timeless details: solid brass hardware and impeccable fancy stitch. Our chin pieces are always adjustable for comfort along with a double adjustable crown. Approximate measurements below in inches:

Size              Crown     Cheek     Nose     Width

Small Pony     22-22.5     4.5-5     10-11     Just under an inch

Pony             23-23.5     5.5-6     11-12     Just over an inch

Cob             24-24.5     6.5-7.5     12-12.5     Just over an inch

Full/Horse     25-25.5     7.5-8     13             Just over an inch

Warmblood     25.5-26     8.5-9     14             Just over an inch