"Jumpe" fits perfectly to any horse's mouth

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The ACavallo Alupro "Jumpe" thread is made of 100% anti-rubbing fiber called "Jumpe" and equipped with two aluminum rings, available in various glossy colors and with a thickness of 7 mm. The special aluminum alloy is light, resistant, prevents corrosion and guarantees a long product life.
The "Jumpe" material is an anti-cut, lint-free, highly UV-resistant, woven fiber that does not absorb water and is easy to clean. Compared to the already known plastic or synthetic materials, the main advantage of "Jumpe" is that it is difficult to wear from the chewing of the horse, which makes it extremely safe and suitable for the mouth. The weight of this new fillet amounts to approx. 65 g. The outer diameter of its rings is 80 mm.
Recommended for horses that are extremely sensitive to metal and / or do not like traditional rigid snaffles. "Jumpe" fits perfectly to any horse's mouth, increases comfort while minimizing friction compared to other metal or rubber alternatives. To further protect your horse's mouth, we suggest you use it together with Acavallo gel rosettes.

Information and care:
- Washable at 30 ° C by hand with water and mild soap
- Do not use harsh detergents
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not expose to direct heat or intense sunlight
- Allow to dry naturally